Mastering the Art of Pizza Making Through Fun and Games What is the best way of learning cooking? If you ask Pizza Margarita, the obvious answer is by playing a game! Yes when you combine the art of cooking with the fun of gaming, you tend to learn. The method of the games have been designed in such a way that you can cook for homes, restaurants and pizza centers that process orders in a hurry. The main aim of Pizza Margarita is to make a fast food professional. The game begins with the preparation of the ingredients. A virtual plate appears on which the learner has to place all the ingredients in order. A mistake is obviously caught by the system and error messages are promptly displayed. If a participant fails to do it as per a prefixed time, she loses the game. Point grading method awards francs to the learner. The learner can play a whole lot of Pizza Margarita games and win francs. This sort of fast paced training is useful even for hoe makers. The festive occasions and family & friends parties require a real lot of pizzas to be rolled out from the kitchen. The people who learn from Pizza Margarita also recommend their own recipes that can be e-mailed. Lot of entertainment combined with rewarding games makes learning easier. The complete user interface has been designed keeping in mind the childish side of the learner’s psychology in view. Pizza Margarita strongly believes that an open approach is the fundamental criteria for learning the art of cooking. Traditional cooking classes were baked for a rigid approach to the recipe preparation, mixing, spreading of the base and other processes. But the new approach adopted by Pizza Margarita gives complete freedom to the participants to try out various permutations and combinations before they arrive at the correct recipe combination and the right method of preparing tasty Pizza Margarita. The online instructions make the complete guided tour quite informative. The graphical design accuracy shapes the learner’s practices into perfection. There is an online damsel to assist you in doing things faster. People looking to have some music can turn on the music player and sing along as they cook. Playing one type of game displays all the other games related to that particular game. An online player then switches over to the other games and is soon immersed in the gaming world. The art making Pizza Margarita has already been mastered.

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