Design, Style Fun and Frolic Makes Cooking an Art Cooking is a hobby, a profession, a passion and a fashion. Cooking is such an art, that when mastered can lead an individual towards self satisfaction and those who enjoy the good recipe. The best part of Sara’s Cooking Class: Popsicles is that all the recipes are taught as games and mixing fun with some sort of seriousness. This unique experimentation of teaching cooking helps those lazy learners who do not wish to spend too much of energy in learning anything new. Once the user clicks on any dinner or turkey recipe, the game starts and the host actively helps and guides the trainee in making the right kind of mixing with the proper cooking to get the final dish that is tasty, healthy, hygienic and heavenly. The major sections covered by the Sara’s Cooking Class: Popsicles are baking, cooking, ice cream making, pizza making, complete meals preparation and designer cakes of different flavors and materials combination. Besides, the restaurant option gives you many types of decors, thanksgiving dinners and family oriented dinner plans etc.
  • Baking: The baking section completely covers chocolate chips, cupcakes, different varieties toasts, cookies. Puddings are another major section that has been crafted with various top ups and added flavors.
  • Pizza is the heartthrob choice of the young and the old. This section covers the complete range of
    • Fruit based pizza
    • Chicken and meat based Pizza
    • Master chef designer pizza that is an amalgamation of different flavors
Sara’s Cooking Class: Popsicles covers the complete ingredients and the preparation processes. The students get to try out their own permutations and combinations which help them in understanding the practical problems associated with recipe preparations Ice creams: The making of ice cream though looks very simple from the comfort of the drawing room kitchen, is a complex process that involves many stages coupled with appropriate cooling. Sara’s Cooking Class: Popsicles teaches all the aspects of ice-cream making. Ice-cream making competitions with multiuser participation bring renewed enthusiasm among the learners in trying out something new in everyday class. Another class that adds a royal touch to ice creams is the desserts. Cakes: Cake making is fun and save a lot of money during festive occasions wherein the family spends a lot of money for cake buying. Sara’s Cooking Class: Popsicles shows the learners the unique methods of making tasty and yummy cakes at highly economical costing.

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